Video Presentation Guide

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Preparing for your performance

First choose one or two pieces which you can play reasonably well and prepare them so you can perform them confidently on the video. If there is a specific topic about your playing which you would like me to discuss with you, please mention this in the video.

A five to ten minute performance is usually enough for me to observe many aspects of your playing.

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Setting up the camera

Try to find a space where it's quiet and where you won't get interrupted. Also where there's enough distance between you and the camera where you can film the following sequence of shots:


1) a full shot of your playing (i.e. sitting facing the camera with feet, head and both hand in full view)  

2) Left hand view (i.e. sitting with the left hand nearest the camera)  

3)Right hand view (where the finger movement of the right hand can be seen clearly)  


However, I don't expect a professional finish to your filming so there's no need to buy any expensive equipment – an iPhone propped up on a table top will often do the job.  Remember, it's your guitar playing I'm interested in, not your filming technique.